Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive food assistance?

HOURS: Wed-Thurs-Fri - 9am-2pm

We serve Henderson County residents: singles, families, seniors, and those with special needs or circumstances. 

For food assistance

Please  CALL US at 828-692-8300 to set up an interview or stop by when we're open. To determine how best to assist you, we also use the countywide database that connects many assistance agencies together.

Do you need Volunteers?


We need your help:
Organizing the food pantry - Packing food boxes
Greeting clients - Answering the phone
Delivering food and other essentials to our Seniors
Grantwriting - Fundraising - Data Entry
With 'Blessings in Boxes' (Oct.-Dec.)
In the Cold Weather Closet

Perhaps your club, group, or Sunday School class wants to volunteer!

In 2022, our amazing volunteers shared 12, 639 hours!

We ALWAYS need a food drive!
Please call 828-692-8300 and ask for Linda Dolan

Food and...?

Through the years we have added hygiene and personal care items to our pantry. We usually have soaps, shampoo, toothbrushes, and other care items.

When available we also offer household items and cleaning supplies.

We have a Cold Weather Closet with winter coats, blankets, hats, and gloves.

To inquire about availability, please call 828.692.8300

What if I can't get to the Storehouse?

We deliver food boxes to seniors once a month. Please call 828-692-8300 to learn more about senior and special needs deliveries .

What is Blessings in Boxes?

Since 2000 we have partnered with the local elementary schools in Henderson County to identify families that need assistance at Christmas. Previously in September, we visited each elementary school and interviewed the parents. Since 2020, the local churches opened their doors for interviews.

We collect very specific gift ideas for each child in the family: clothes sizes, favorite colors, specific toys, etc. After that info is compiled, we ask the community to help us by adopting a child or family to bless at Christmas.

In 2019, your generosity shared the love and joy of Christmas with 2087 local children (736 Henderson County families)! Although a bit more challenging in 2020,  1642 children were blessed during Christmas. 1906 children from 697 families had a merrier Christmas in 2021!

In 2022, 15.7% of Henderson County Public School children received gifts from Blessings in Boxes. We shared some Christmas joy with 2038 children from 710 families! 2005 children received gifts in 2023!

In conjunction with Henderson County Schools and the help of local donors and craftsmen, we are able to provide Christmas for local children. Truly a community partnership...thank you! 

How was the Storehouse started?

 In 2000, Lynn Hart Staggs wanted to ensure that seniors could have a reliable food source available to them. "The idea first took form in a parking lot---- then a location on 7th Avenue and in August 2015, we moved to our present location at 1049 Spartanburg Highway.

We now serve seniors and families and anyone who is in need," Lynn explains. "We now have two part-time employees and 50+ volunteers."

What kind of special events and fundraising do you do? 

Throughout the year we usually have special get-togethers that are fun and fundraising for our food pantry. We announce them here on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram page: The Storehouse of Henderson County.

 For several years, we have enjoyed an evening of great food and fun, Poetry for the Pantry. Our largest yearly endeavor is Blessings in Boxes during the Christmas season (see Blessings in Boxes section) A special event you can do on your own is a food drive with your class, church, neighborhood or club. Truly a great team builder and something we ALWAYS need is more non-perishable food for the pantry. When we have the refrigerated space, we love fresh foods as well! (see our food list on this site)